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Xingtai YiShengShui Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd, was founded in September of 2010. As the first high-tech enterprise in China, we have engaged in a series of sanitary products, R&D, producing, and sales. In September of 2015, our company shares were listed on Shijiazhuang stock exchange (stock code 660223). Our company was also honored and was awarded the high tech enterprise in 2016.

The philosophy of our company, Yishengshui is “Joy comes from every droplet of water”, and the mission of Yishengshui is to ‘Generalize water-conservation, initiate energy management.  The orientation of Yishengshui is ‘high-tech innovation, while, the aim of Yishengshui is to mitigate the lack of domestic water in cities. We build Yishengshui, which was the first Provider to undertake a solution of helping to safeguard, domestic water in China. It would work towards saving domestic water by 50%-60% if our solutions and fixtures are implemented.

As a leader of high-tech enterprise which specializes in water-saving sanitary ware industry in China, we have filled multiple gaps by obtaining decades of national patents on water-saving products since 2011. Among all those products are, water-saving pedestal pans which can save up to 70% of water; water-saving squatting pan which can save up to 55% of water, water-saving urinal which can save up to 80% of water, water-saving nozzle which can save 95% of water, water-saving bidet shower which can save up to 80%, and water-saving shower head which can save up to 70%. There are thousands of residents installing the water-saving pedestal pans at this time in China’s cities and are well received by users. According to the technical estimates, water-saving would be 50-60 tons per year by each fixture.

If we say, petroleum, the well-known ‘Black Gold’, is the lubricant for the contemporary economic developing, in that way, the scarcity of water resource, which is unevenly distributed around the earth, is like transparent blood, which holds control of all human salvation.

Yishengshui has been attempting to overcome global water-saving needs within the industry.

Annual Event  Our company was established in an abandoned factory at Jing’an Village in 2010.

We participated in Dubai Exhibition in November of 2012

We moved to Nanhe in March of 2013

The whole community installed our sanitary wares

We participated in Tianjin Exhibition in 2013

Meng Xiangwei, the city mayor, investigated our factory and products on 28th , May, 2014

Public welfare on World Water Day in 2014

Be awarded as green enterprise in Hebei Province on 26th, Nov., 2014

2016.2.19 Zhao Yong, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, vice governor of the provincial government Xu NingIn the exhibition on the aquatic products to give a high degree of evaluation

yishengshui saving trip

Born to a life of water, aquatic things. In life water world, water is a precious supreme. Here brewing cherish water, water tolerance, water maintenance. Saving water in a lifetime of constant exploration, we can be found in many water-saving secret. These water-saving secrets eventually converging to a river, the embodiment of the toilet, people's lives brought a new vitality.

In the water-saving, energy-saving water has a persistent pursuit of the company's life, each of R & D staff will be all the attention, all on how to prevent the loss of valuable water resources easily on this issue. To this common goal, they set up a high-end, professional R & D team, the environmental protection, new ideas not only attracted funds, but also attracted many like-minded partners. Their tireless experiments and modifications, time-consuming Today, five years later, the third generation to the greatest efforts to save water in the toilet was finally under their perfect wisdom born.

Each first met toilet water life who inevitably will be issued stunning sigh - good consuming less water! Why is it so easy to punch up! When your feet gently stepped on the foot of the unique life of water toilet flushing switch, the collision of tradition and modernity began. Improved water flow through pipes toilet after repeated, as if you control in general, all the way to smooth arrival, then, your body and your mind feel the unprecedented fun and fresh.

When the traditional energy consumption and lifetime toilet toilet water saving energy and water once a showdown after, saving only one, both high and low will be apparent. Cherish water, water protection, courtesy of water into the warmth, the user's heart trace injection, every warm water, water, love hearts. The love life of water will melt into water dedication in products, through a unique foot-flush switches, these shares positive energy saving spirit, the most appropriate, the most direct, but also the most subtle way passed to everyone.

Patience, hard, careful research and development, to all users to believe that life is not only toilet water toilet pure sense, it represents the times that people love and cherish water. Water lifetime goal of much more than that, it has developed energy-saving faucets, water-saving shower head, saving Cabinet, a series of energy-saving bathroom, is that they would like the public to save water and energy and steadfast dedication!

Water is life, water conservation biggest dreams and aspiration, he hopes this will be the third generation into the toilet, to people's lives in a super water-saving more convenient, but also to attract more people to the water use and care resources. Gurgling water toilet water across a lifetime, to minimize the cost of its body away filth, at the same time as a pressure reducing mother earth. Life water always believe that every support environmental protection, people cherish water, water would choose life and become forever "good friend."