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Xingtai YiShengShui Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd, was founded in September of 2010. As the first high-tech enterprise in China, we have engaged in a series of sanitary products, R&D, producing, and sales. In September of 2015, our company shares were listed on Shijiazhuang stock exchange (stock code 660223). Our company was also honored and was awarded the high tech enterprise in 2016. As a leader of high-tech enterprise which specializes in water-saving sanitary ware industry in China, we have filled multiple gaps by obtaining decades of national patents on water-saving products since 2011. Among all those products are, water-saving pedestal pans which can save up to 70% of water; water-saving squatting pan which can save up to 55% of water, water-saving urinal which can save up to 80% of water, water-saving nozzle which can save 95% of water, water-saving bidet shower which can save up to 80%, and water-saving shower head which can save up to 70%. There are thousands of residents installing the water-saving pedestal pans at this time in China’s cities and are well received by users. According to the technical estimates, water-saving would be 50-60 tons per year by each fixture. Yishengshui has been attempting to overcome global water-saving needs within the industry.
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